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WHAT IS ATMtrailer?

ATMtrailer is the only true Mobile ATM in the ATM industry! Whether you are a fund raising organization, an event promoter or an individual looking for a money-making opportunity, you have found the right place!
Most events such as fairs, rodeos, fund raisers, festivals, auto races,etc... draw thousands of patrons ready to spend money! But the promoters of those events often overlook the most important rule to fund raising: Don't limit patrons to the cash they brought with them! The ATMtrailer provides access to bank accounts, on-site, increasing the cash available at the event!
The single unit ATMtrailer is designed to service smaller events and dispense $5000 to $8000 per event. Do not be intimidated by huge events that take hundreds of thousands of dollars to service. The fact is, most money is made in the ATM industry by steady work with smaller venues. It adds up and it adds up fast!!


Understanding the ATMtrailer

Setting up the ATMtrailer

*****The all new 2017 Model is fully self-contained with our exclusive ATM-SmartPower!****Our Charging system ATM SmartPower has been upgraded and provides perpetual power at no extra charge!