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Ultimate ATM Placement Program

Get Your ATM Placement From ATMtrailer

Have you ever noticed that ATM companies don’t want to share information? At ATMtrailer, we do the exact opposite: We pride ourselves in providing the industry's most comprehensive ATM placement and training program designed with reliability and profitability in mind.
  • Help From Beginning to End - Not only will we install the very best ATM in your business, the Hyosung Halo ll, but we will assist you through the entire setup process - We will program, deliver and install the ATM into your business. Once installed, we will train you on the day to day operation of maintaining a profitable ATM. We will also be available to you 24 hours a day to answer any questions and address any challenges that may arise along the way with your new ATM.
  • Use Your Cash to Fill the ATM - The first questions you may ask yourself are: "How much cash do I need to keep my new ATM machine full?" You will be pleasantly surprised that it takes much less than you think. The second question is: "How do I get my money back after it is withdrawn from the ATM machine?" As cash is withdrawn from the ATM, the funds are deposited into your bank account the next business day. Worst case, you only need enough cash to keep the ATM full for two to three days. Then simply withdraw the same funds and start the process all over again. Another plus is that you can deposit the twenty-dollar bills into your ATM daily rather than into the bank, possibly saving you bank fees for depositing cash!
  • A Portion of the Surcharge is Yours - Yes, that's right; you keep a portion of the surcharge amount and pay absolutely nothing for the transaction processing. We setup and provide all transaction processing through a third-party processor, free of charge to all of our customers. You receive $1.50 per transaction. So, if we set your surcharge at $3.00 and you process 500 transactions a month, the total surcharge revenue you earned is $750. You will receive daily deposits of your portion of the surcharge directly from the processing company.  There is no need for us or anyone else for that matter, to hold your earnings.  Once it is earned, you receive it the next business day. We use the first 50 transactions per month to pay for the wireless fees and supplies.
  • Online Real-Time Transaction Stats - Each ATM we place comes complete with real time online stats. Now you are able to log in online or download the free APP and view your transaction stats in real time as they happen. Now you can run transaction reports any time you feel the need.
Call us today and let’s get your ATM installed as soon as possible! 
*****The all new 2017 Model is fully self-contained with our exclusive ATM-SmartPower!****Our Charging system ATM SmartPower has been upgraded and provides perpetual power at no extra charge!