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Stability and Security is Our Paramount Concern

Whenever we are dealing with a mobile industry that involves valuable property, security liability is always a paramount concern.  At ATMtrailer we have considered all of the security issues.  We find that each time someone is considering the ATMtrailer they always seem to think that their security concerns are unique.  Quite frankly, we have heard them and addressed them here.

Safety in Numbers

Any event you attend will have hundreds or thousands of people. Otherwise you would not be there.  There is something to the Adage that there is safety in numbers.  If there are many people around a thief is not likely to try to steal a whole trailer, even if he could get around the additional security features listed below.  In addition, if the ATMtrailer is left overnight there are other vendors at the event.  As these vendors are also leaving valuable equipment on premises, the event itself will provide security for the overnight hours.

Stationary Stability

Stability at an event is very important not only to security but for liability reasons as well.  As you may or may not know, in 2013 a temporary ATM at an event was knocked over onto a toddler causing serious injury.  The stability of the ATMtrailer prevents this type of tragedy from occurring.  As an additional benefit, the stability of the ATMtrailer also adds security.   With all jacks in place, it is impossible to move the ATMtrailer, making it a stable and secure platform for the ATM.  The main jack cannot be operated without the removable crank and all jacks must be retracted to move the ATMtrailer, making theft more than just a “smash and grab” like with many temporary ATMs.

Upgraded Security and Recovery Package

In the unlikely event someone does try to steal the ATMtrailer, the jacks must be retracted.  Getting to the jack crank, which is stored inside the ATMtrailer, is virtually impossible as the ATMtrailer door is wired with a very loud and obnoxious alarm that is guaranteed to attract attention.  Even if a crank is available, the trailer unit must be tilted to retract the jacks.  Once again the obnoxious alarm comes into play.  Once the ATMtrailer is level and the alarm has been armed, should the trailer tilt, as it would when the nose is being lowered, a mercury switch will cause the alarm to sound.

But, for argument’s sake, let’s assume that someone gets the ATMtrailer hooked to a vehicle and is capable of being towed away.  The event is already surrounded by a “geofence”.  Should the ATMtrailer be removed from within this invisible fence, notification is immediately sent to the person responsible and to a monitor at ATMtrailer by the GPS Tracking System.  Immediately the ATMtrailer can be tracked by computer or APP.  There is no outrunning the GPS System even if the crook is good enough to get past all of the other security features of the ATMtrailer. Contact us today for more information!

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