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The ATMtrailer Solves Many Problems

Below you will find many actual articles that outline actual events caused by ATM companies that thought they would service the ATM needs of events for ATM services. Simply because someone can program an ATM does not mean they are qualified to service an event. The dangers of not properly mounting an ATM and failure to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act does and should question the credibility of anyone that services these events without regard to the laws and common sense that should be applied to all situations. Read on and you will see why the only real choice is the ATMtrailer.

Child Injured by Falling ATM

Provo, UT  (July 28, 2013)- A four year old boy from Provo was injured Saturday in what can only be described as a freak accident.  While attending a festival, the child was walking past an automated teller machine placed at the festival by a Salt Lake ATM company. Apparently, some teens were “fooling around” and one teen fell into the ATM which was temporarily sitting without being tied down.  The machine, which weighs about 225 pounds, fell onto the toddler. The child was taken to a local hospital and was listed in serious condition.

The ATM company did not return requests for comments.  Sources at Huysong, the ATM manufacturer, said that the machine weighed about 225 pounds and is considered to be top heavy.  The source said an ATM is designed to be bolted to the floor and should never be operated without being properly mounted.

The child, whose name has not been released, remains in serious condition today.  Legal experts say that there is certainly going to be liability issues for everyone from the teens to the ATM company.  However, the majority of the liability may fall back on the festival’s organizers.

The organizer representative, who wished to remain unnamed, would only comment that the event organizers and sponsors are deeply saddened at the injury to the child.  He added that “our thoughts and prayers are with the child and his family”. Police say that charges are likely but would not comment further.

Mobile ATM Impounded for Non ADA Compliance

Austin, TX- June 10, 2014- An unusual development occurred at Zilker Park this past weekend. The Austin City Limits Music Festival was in full party mode. People were enjoying the music and vendors. As usual Fred Alston brought his mobile ATM trailer to join the vendors. It was his third year supplying cash for people at the event. But, as the weekend progressed a problem developed that would have long-term implications for Mr. Alston. One of the people attending the event was in a wheelchair and needed to use the ATM. The ATMs on the trailer were built into the side of the trailer and the ATMs turned out to be out of reach of the wheelchair bound partier. The police security on site was asked for help.

The problem was the man identified as Ronnie Blackwell of Austin would have to give his PIN to the officer to complete the transaction. Mr. Blackwell asked the officer if there wasn't an ATM that complied with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act available at the event. The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA became applicable to the ATM industry in 2012 and has been the focus of many lawsuits in Central Texas and across the country. One of the officers, whose sister is an enforcement agent with the DOJ, called her up. When the phone call was over the officer called the ATM owner and told him that he must remove the trailer until it is compliant with the ADA. Alston told the officer by phone that mobile ATMs were exempt from the ADA and refused to remove the trailer. This prompted another call to the DOJ enforcement officer who informed the officer that if the ATM was mounted to the trailer it is not exempt. Another call to Alston from the officer resulted in the officer being called a "moron" by Alston. According to the officer who declined to be identified for this article the officer stated to Alston that we will see who the moron is around here. The ATM trailer was impounded. At last check the ATM trailer was still in impound with a hold from the DOJ pending an enforcement action.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is there for a reason. Our friends and neighbors with disabilities have enough challenges without dealing with people that self-proclaim themselves exempt from compliance. Austin has a huge population of visually and hearing impaired citizens. After the wars in the Middle East we have vets that made sacrifices for our country and have ended up in wheelchairs. We, as a community, must respect the rights of these heroes and citizens. As for the ATM trailer, a quick search of the Internet reveals several companies, including one Texas company, that specializes in ADA compliant mobile ATMs. Shame on you Mr. Alston for making self-serving interpretations of laws so you do not have to comply. There comes a time when you simply have to do the right thing. For more information on the Americans with Disabilities Act go to
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