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Learn the Stationary ATM or Mobile ATM Business

Thank you for taking your valuable time to review the information I have to share with you about the Stationary and/or Mobile ATM industry. I would like to say at the outset that there are many different opinions of how to operate an ATM business.  My advice and information herein comes from my 17-years of experience in the business.  Most people already in the Stationary and/or Mobile ATM business are very tight with information.  This usually happens because the person with the information wants to make a portion of the profit your ATM terminals will generate.  This is not necessarily unethical or even wrong.  But, the more you know the better you will do in business and I will benefit from that because you will be loyal to me.

Most people that contact me have been researching the ATM industry for some time and will know the companies that I will use to compare in this booklet.  I won’t use names as I don’t judge other companies.  What they do may work fine for them and their customers. I would rather provide you the information that I have and ask questions that will help you put it into perspective and in doing so, I believe that you will choose to do business with me.

Why Get into the Stationary ATM or Mobile ATM Business?

The first thing I should say about franchises in the Stationary and/or Mobile ATM industry is a question. Why?  While it is true that franchise companies may have great locations, the fact is most of the great locations become company-owned locations.  To a man, every person I have dealt with that is a franchisee of an ATM company has the same list of complaints and number one on that list is that they do not receive the great locations the sales person touted in the sales process.  Honestly, if you are an ATM company having a great deal with a company for locations and those locations were great to not so great, which ones would you make your company-owned and which ones would you pass on to your franchisees? Pretty simple really.

Some of the franchises out there charge a $25,000 franchise fee, $3,700 per terminal, charge for training and end up with .50-.60 cent per transaction.  These companies suggest that the high price per terminal allows them to spend a portion on additional marketing and advertising for your benefit when, in reality, the only visible advertising is for more franchisees to compete with you for those not so great locations.  Most of the franchisees that I have dealt with have been disappointed and actually went out to find the locations themselves.  I am not saying that these companies are ripping anyone off.  They seem to deliver on what they promise. Problem is they do not promise much.  I am simply asking why pay more than you should spend?

Value of the Stationary ATM or Mobile ATM Business Information I Offer:

The information I am offering teaches you how I make money with you, not off you.  It shows you how you can receive 100% of the transaction fee and discloses to you how I make money with you.


  • teaches how to find a location
  • teaches how to how to negotiate with the merchant for placing a terminal in that location
  • teaches from my years of experience the best type of locations to seek
  • teaches how, when and where to order the terminal
  • teaches how to program the terminal
  • teaches how to install the terminal
  • teaches how to be sure your terminal and location complies with all laws
  • teaches how to set up the communication for the terminal
  • teaches how to set up banking information for the terminal
  • teaches how run monthly reports free
  • teaches how to monitor your terminals from a smart phone app
  • teaches how you can automatically pay your merchant without writing a check
  • teaches how to keep up with changes and other industry information
  • teaches how to build the value of your business
  • teaches how to value your business for sale (exit strategy)
  • provides you with all the forms you need to operate your business
  • even shows you how to receive a $200 rebate on each terminal you purchase?

After all, this is the information that so many people do not want you to know because they want you to depend on them.  If you must depend on them they are making money off you.

Get Started in the Stationary ATM or Mobile ATM Business

The best part is this information comes free to you when you choose to do business with me.  Call today 855-619-4440 or email to get started in your Stationary and/or Mobile ATM Business.


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