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In today’s mobile society financial institutions put a lot of time, effort and money into being available for their customers everywhere! With the growth of outdoor event popularity, your customers are going to festivals, fairs, fundraisers, concerts, auto races, bike rallies, mud volleyball tournaments, and on and on. Each of these events was created for one reason - to raise money from your customer.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to be at some of these events for your customers? Our ATMtrailer can make that happen at a very low cost, and in a safe and secure manner. Bigger isn’t always better. Banks frequently utilize ATMs that can do all the banking tasks a customer could need. But, what if a customer is at one of these events and just needs to withdraw some cash on site? This is where the ATMtrailer comes in.

With your own branded ATMtrailer you can be everywhere your customer needs you to be. How sweet it would be if you could tell your customers “we will be at the fair for you”! It is an exciting thought and the best part is that you will be there, not only for your customers, but for the competition’s customers as well.

The ATMtrailer complies with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act when it is on site. There are no expensive and time-consuming hydraulics to lower the ATM into compliance. The ATMtrailer is ADA compliant as it sits. Our Patent Pending design is the best in the industry. Our design provides safety, security, and lighting, both for the ATMtrailer user and the owner. It cannot fall over during an event like freestanding ATMs have been known to do. The ATMtrailer has the room to hold the necessary accessories needed to make it visible and safe at the event. Our ATMtrailer acts as its own billboard displaying your custom graphics.

The ATMtrailer can operate with a single 110 volt extension cord for power, or, with our SmartCharge System, it can be fully self-contained without the heat, fumes and noise of a generator. The SmartCharge System is silent and does not require fuel.

The ATMtrailer takes one person about 10 minutes to set up on site, and about the same time to retrieve after the event. It is small and secure enough that the ATM can be vaulted at your institution, eliminating the need for the person setting up to have the vault combination. This allows you to have an employee deliver and set up the ATMtrailer with minimal overtime. Or, in many cases, bonded, independent ATM operators will deploy and maintain the ATMtrailer; working as an independent contractor for a portion of the transaction fees from non-customers.

The ATMtrailer offers you three things that should be important to every business! First, it offers advertising at events where thousands of potential customers will discover the way you are there for your customers. Second, the ATMtrailer offers versatility in safe and secure operation by employees of the financial institution or by bonded, independent ATM operators in your area. Finally, with invitations printed on transaction receipts and other collateral advertising, the ATMtrailer can be a recruiter of new customers for your business!

The ATMtrailer is inexpensive compared to other units on the market. The ATMtrailer is 1/3 the cost of the competitor’s unit and actually includes one GenMega GT3000 ATM which is perfect for events or we can install the Hoysong 5100T, a new preference for financial institutions for the cost of the ATM. The competitor’s trailer is just that: a trailer without the ATM.

When we complete your ATMtrailer, it is truly a custom ATMtrailer built especially for you. This brings us to the most important fact about ordering: at ATMtrailer, we custom build each and every ATMtrailer especially for the Financial Institution. Whether you want one or two ATMs, one or four 16’ feather flags, graphics or complete wrapping, separate on-screen advertising to further convey your message, or an ATMtrailer that gives away free popcorn to your potential customers (not really, but we would try to figure out how to do it for you), we can custom build an ATMtrailer for you and usually in 25 business days or less!

As of now, we can install the Hoysong 5100T into the ATMtrailer and it will be totally ADA compliant!!!

All Financial Institutions receive a free upgrade to the ATM-SmartPower System for full self-containment, an $1800.00 value! By ordering promptly, you will be guaranteed a 5-week delivery date when ordering with the Hoysong 5100T. They told us it could not be done, but SURPRISE!!!! We did it. Otherwise, if you use the GenMega GT3000 or Hantle 4000T your ATMtrailer will be ready in just three weeks! The ATMtrailer is the fastest growing marketing opportunity available for financial institutions today! Do it today!

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*****The all new 2017 Model is fully self-contained with our exclusive ATM-SmartPower!****Our Charging system ATM SmartPower has been upgraded and provides perpetual power at no extra charge!