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ATMtrailer Description

Our ATMtrailer Units are built from 5X8 covered trailers. This allows plenty of room for the necessary additions inside while providing a compact design that will fit into any event scheme. Each ATMtrailer has 7/16 OSB board on the interior walls for added stability and security. They are equipped with 15” wheels and Stabilizer Jacks mounted on the rear of the unit as well as a heavy duty retractable jack on the tongue. This design allows quick set-up and maximum stability at events and easy removal of the wheels for added security at events.

Integrated Electrical System

Our unique electrical system allows the ATMtrailer to be operated by plugging in a single extension cord to the exterior access jack or by utilizing the on-board self-contained SmartPower unit.  Once plugged in, power is supplied to the ATM, wireless Internet OptConnect unit, interior and exterior lighting and extra outlets for a fan or heater as needed.  The power may be supplied from standard exterior electric source. Our ATM-SmartPower and ATM-SmartPowerPlus Systems can provide the power needed to operate the ATMtrailer anywhere! 

ADA, EMV, & PCI Compliant

Compliance with the regulatory requirements is important to ATMtrailer. That is why our ATM and ATMtrailer are fully compliant with the network requirements for card holder security and with the new requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act effective March 15, 2012. By placing the ATM in the rear of the trailer we are ADA compliant as is. 

*****The all new 2017 Model is fully self-contained with our exclusive ATM-SmartPower!****Our Charging system ATM SmartPower has been upgraded and provides perpetual power at no extra charge!